Posted by: John Gilmore | September 16, 2006

Goldman Sachs and the Next Phase of this Crisis

I find it interesting that after a couple of years – the SEC is finally getting around to prosecuting those responsible for the subprime CDO debacle. Why now? I believe the most likely answer is that the world’s stock markets are about to be taken down – and this is just another reason that those in power can point to as the cause.

As you’ve seen me say before – we are dealing with the world’s most deceptive people. They are producing a grand show for the world to see – while true motives and actions remain hidden behind the curtain. They are taking down the markets – and giving you their explanation. It’s a lie – but few people can see this.

Nathan Martin ( sums it up:

“Is the U.S. Government really getting serious about going after these guys? NO WAY. There are always token fall guys and this is all theatre and show.

Think about the timing of this. It comes just as I have been talking about a “triggering event” that will take the blame for turning the markets. This suit was reported AFTER the open on OPTIONS EXPIRATION day. Why now? My suspicious mind says that it was timed to allow the options sellers and contract speculators to walk away and to instill maximum damage on the retail buyers of the ALL TIME RECORD number of option call buyers who were in the market just yesterday.

Markets almost always turn on such sentiment extremes, but I know that Goldman controls the government and absolutely is in control of the S.E.C. too! It’s almost a joke to me that they would turn the markets by allowing the S.E.C. to bring suit against themselves. And I’m willing to bet the majority of people will believe there’s no way they would do that. Want to bet?

Watch future events unfold, I can almost guarantee that there will be fines that are later mitigated, that a few people may take a fall, but nothing real or meaningful will come of it other than an opportunity to profit on the short side after running the market up to bubble extremes. It’s a nice game to play when you control all the pieces on the board. Meanwhile the people of the world are simply played as fools and pawns. How’s that feel, were you long the market?”

Here’s the link to Nathan’s entire post:

This action against Goldman Sachs was announced on Friday (April 16, 2010).

Today (Monday – April 19, 2010) we’re told that this investigation will expand to include other big Wall Street firms. There is also an investigation ongoing into the collapse of Countrywide Financial.

This is what happens when a group of individuals get consumed by greed and the pursuit of power. All of the things they thought would bring themselves more power and wealth – are now leading to their ruin.

This will not end well.

jg – April 19, 2010

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