Posted by: John Gilmore | September 16, 2006

Dollar Will be “Utterly Destroyed”: Strategist

I’ve seen many financial experts talking about the dollar’s demise – so hearing Damon Vickers say that the U.S. dollar will become ‘virtually worthless’ is nothing new. You’ve learned why this is inevitable. People that are paying attention – understand that it’s only a matter of time before the dollar falls.

What caught my eye is the following quote:

“If the global currency crisis unfolds, then inevitably you get an alignment of a global world government. A new global currency and a new world order, so we may be moving towards that,” he said.

Where did that come from? He went from talking about the dollar’s devaluation – to a global currency, world government and the New World Order – in the blink of an eye. You don’t connect these dots that quickly unless you’ve done a whole lot of research and analysis.

Does Damon know what’s coming – or has he done his homework and can see where this is heading? I’m not sure – but I do know this – if you believe that the U.S. dollar is going to become worthless (along with all of the world’s fiat currencies) – and this will lead to a global currency and world government – ‘making money’ from these ‘trends’ should be the least of your worries.

“Vickers added that this is the time where investors should be making money when the trend is developing.”

We’re beginning to see many people talking about the ‘new world order’. Glenn Beck (Fox News) regularly talks about it. Anderson Cooper (CNN) has discussed it. Articles are now appearing in mainstream media magazines (Time Magazine and others). I’ve seen many people in the financial world talking about the ‘new world order’ and how the current financial crisis could lead to a global currency and global government. People who once thought that global government was a fantasy – are now – not so sure.

We’re seeing many people in the world become aware of a push for global governance. We’re also seeing many people here in America pushing for an audit of the Federal Reserve. People are waking up and are trying to find the truth. Do you think the people behind the Federal Reserve will allow an audit? No – they will not. This is why we see many of our political leaders trying to stop (or remove any teeth) from Ron Paul’s legislation calling for a Fed audit. This is why you see Bernanke refusing to tell us what the Fed is really doing and why he opposes an audit. This is why Greenspan isn’t going away – he continues to give us his words of wisdom through media outlets.

I assure you – preventing a Fed audit has nothing to do with the stability of the financial system – and everything to do with secrecy. What do you think would happen if the world learned that Central Banks were propping up stock/bond/Treasury markets? I’ll tell you – chaos. One way or another – the world’s monetary system is going to change. The global elite are attempting to change it – on their terms. Before the world learns too much about what is really happening and before an audit of the Fed can be enacted by Congress – you’re going to see the next phase of this economic crisis – most likely a stock market crash – leading to all kinds of unpleasant things. This will – once again – shift the world’s focus from the real cause of all of this. They create a problem – that shifts our focus – then they solve the problem in a way that moves their agenda forward.

Standard Operating Procedure. There’s probably a play-book somewhere.

They are causing the dollar’s decline and are causing the system to collapse – in order to usher in a global currency and global economic system. Global government will then follow.

Let’s not lose sight of the most important part of all of this – the spiritual component. We have shifted our focus from God – to the world. We have allowed our spiritual enemy to deceive us on a grand scale. As is always the case when you do a deal with the devil – there is a hidden agenda. We’re about to have the rug pulled out from under us. This is the world – short term gain that leads to long tern consequences.

For many years now, our nation has worshipped wealth. Now – it is our very money – that is causing our downfall. Do you think Someone is sending us a very loud message?

Think about it.

The question isn’t whether God will help us out of this mess. He will always respond to a humble heart asking for forgiveness. The question is – will we ask?

jg – November 8, 2009

Dollar Will be “Utterly Destroyed”: Strategist

Published: Friday, 6 Nov 2009
3:09 AM ET


The dollar will get “utterly destroyed” and become “virtually worthless”, said Damon Vickers, chief investment officer of Nine Points Capital Partners.

“We don’t have resources. Neither does a lot of Asia to be quite frank,” Vickers said on CNBC’s Asia Squawk Box. “Countries that have resources — the Brazils, the Canadas, Australia — their currencies are doing well.”

Vickers noted that their stock markets have done the best year-to-date.

“They have stuff. They’ve got resources. They export real things. The United States exports ‘promises’ and ‘pretty paper’,” he added.

Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 has risen 23% this year alone compared to a 14% gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Due to the huge wage disparities between the United States and emerging markets like China, Vickers said that may resolve itself in some type of a global currency crisis.

“If the global currency crisis unfolds, then inevitably you get an alignment of a global world government. A new global currency and a new world order, so we may be moving towards that,” he said.

Vickers added that this is the time where investors should be making money when the trend is developing.

“Oil looks higher, gold looks higher, currencies look weaker.”

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