Posted by: John Gilmore | September 15, 2006

Americans are Waking Up – May 13, 2010

Americans are waking up to what is happening to us.  Despite the best efforts of our political leadership (see: President Obama and Chris Dodd) – the people of the United States continue to push for a real Federal Reserve Audit (Ron Paul). recently posted a lawsuit that has been filed against the New York Federal Reserve (link below).  Now – the Fed is fighting off audits and lawsuits.  This is why I expect a catastrophic ‘event’ very soon.

These guys will not go down without a fight.  Once they crash stock markets – their hope is that we all forget about who actually caused all of this – and instead focus on the wonderful new solution they will propose.

Then – the real battle will begin.

jg – May 13, 2010


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